Use the magic in your mind

*6260 Years includes all of the worlds civ­i­liza­tions not just the New World Order!

Now let look at this the state­ment “The Pen­ta­gon can not account for 2.2 tril­lion dol­lars, Which we now know that amount should have been some were around 5 tril­lion dol­lars! And the fact the the Pen­ta­gon is the num­ber one rea­son that the United States can bal­ance it’s accounts, can any­one say brake away soci­ety? The fact that after 6260 years of civ­i­liza­tion, we are still con­demned to paid for that which should be free. In a time when we hear calls for the pub­lic to pay for water, where in parts of the world where this is hap­pen­ing there are call for the ban­ning of col­lec­tion of rain water. It’s no won­der they sab­o­tage the (Africans in Amer­ica) soul music indus­try. If your old enough you’ll remem­ber this one