Use the magic in your mind

The story of The Kil­lian Doc­u­ments con­tro­versy (a.k.a. “Rather-​gate”) in the days lead­ing up to the 2004 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. When vet­eran news­caster Dan Rather and CBS News head Mary Mapes choose to air a seg­ment on 60
Min­utes expos­ing how Pres­i­dent Bush avoided being drafted to Viet­nam through his father’s polit­i­cal advan­tages, the result­ing fall­out ulti­mately costs them their jobs and rep­u­ta­tions.

Well you won’t see many of these on this blog. I was just advised to watch the movie, about the last time there was an Inde­pen­dence news story on net­work TV news. Now your morn­ing talk shows pass for the news . Hell of a movie!